St George Rowing Club AGM 2015

This weekend the Rowers on Cooks River hosted the 2015 St George Rowing Club Annual General Meeting. On the sunny and unseasonably warm June Sunday, members were spoilt with a buffet lunch at the Rowers on Cooks River , we christened a new boat, and Captain Steve Harrison was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of St George Rowing Club. Congratulations Steve!

President Stephen Irons, Captain Steve Harrison and Vice-Captain Allan Pollock christened the latest boat to join the St George Rowing Club fleet, while members watched from the new terrace overlooking Cooks River.

St George Rowing Club Christened Boat

The boat, named  NSW Premiers 2014-15 to celebrate the club’s success in the past year, is interchangeable as a quad or coxless four.

St George Rowing Club NSW Premiers 2014-15

The rowers thanks the President, Vice-President, Board of Directors and General Manager Tony Lycakis for their hard work and support over the year.


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